Stained Glass Exquisite Corpse Gallery

Nancy Nicholson

Karen Rosado

Caryn Johnson

Tom Krepcio

Alice Johnson

Beth Ryan

Joshua Hoaglund

Alice Johnson

Tom Flanagan

Lars Murray

Bob Collini

Anna Johansson

Paul Johnson

Lisa Faircloth

Linda Lichtman

Cheryl Brownlee

Alice Johnson

Sally Pierce

Caryn Johnson

Karen Rosado

The other spark for this Stained Glass Exquisite Corpse came from the desire to create a collaborative piece.
Collaborations often require compromises in order to merge multiple visions in a harmonious way.
This collaboration, however, required just the opposite.
The spirit of play and the element of surprise were the key factors behind this undertaking.
Different styles and techniques were encouraged.

Gallery of Extra Panels by Alice Johnson

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