The Animated
Stained Glass
Exquisite Corpse

each individual panel
9 1/2" wide by 6" high

Stained Glass
Exquisite Corpse
Full Assemblage

SG Exquisite Corpse
with links to individual panels
and info on the artists involved

Alice Johnson
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Nancy Nicholson
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What is an Exquisite Corpse?

Based on the children's game of heads-bodies-tails this is an artistic exercise developed by the surrealists whereby different artists design different parts of a figure. One artist does a head/ another a torso etc. The parts are then placed together to form a whole figure or figures. None of the artists sees what the others are creating until the parts come together to form the whole, thus giving the experience an element of surprise and humor.

Where does the term come from?

The term "Exquisite Corpse" comes from a sentence created by a surrealist group using this different parts format with words instead of images. One person wrote an adjective, another a noun, another a verb and so on.

The sentence created was:
"The exquisite/corpse/drinks/the new/wine."

Why make a Stained Glass Exquisite Corpse?

The inspiration for a stained glass exquisite corpse came first to Alice, who saw a collaborative piece done in this manner by a group of print makers.