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     I will be delighted to tell you more about my work and to discuss either the purchase of an existing panel or the commissioning of a unique work to suit your special need.

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    Generous lead time is needed for a completion of a commissioned work. First we talk together about what you would like, which includes information about where the piece would be seen (light conditions and such), the size, what sort of subject-matter and colors you prefer, and how it is to function (provide a focal point, hide an undesirable view, etc.). Then I need time to absorb the information and come up with a proposed design, which I will show you in the form of a watercolor sketch in color to scale, often accompanied by glass samples. At that point I will be able provide a quite close estimate of the cost.

    Payment is usually broken into three installments. I ask for payment for the design work in advance of undertaking the project, and a further payment of half the estimated fabrication cost when you approve the design and actual work on the window is begun. The remainder is due upon completion and delivery. I do all the glass-work myself; when necessary I enlist the skills of a metalsmith in making special support bars, or of a colleague for installation.

    The speed of completion will depend on the panel's complexity and size and on what other work I have "on the bench" at the time. I will do my best to meet your needs, but will not compromise on quality. Stained glass is a very labor intensive medium; I use beautiful handmade glass. It is worth taking the time to do it right!